T H I S - D I S G U S T

Progressive deformities. Base recognition. Tissue lattice and then collapse exponentially. A vast mass of self-copulating fluids and crippling interconnected vessels. Mitotic and accelerating. Contaminating and digesting both itself and anything surrounding this unconscious malignant perpetuation. Hideous infestations. The kind of shit that makes you want to puke at the very notion that it's already in your own fucking vomit. But it's worse, it’s in your sweltering pores, wretched glands, and those buttered-up pedophile-eyelashes. Serotonin and iodine. Dioxin and proteins. Her placenta was once a membrane you could have used as a deflection, but that taste in your mouth from all the parasites you never swallowed, swells in your bile. An awful monster cultivated for the cell-migration that's rising with your blood pressure. It's an ulcer-wet abomination that knows on some fundamental, organic-level what's happening long before you could ever claim to rationalize any confused sense of control.

"Biology" is just an excuse.

This frenzied disease is all we fucking are! No soul! No divinity! Not even an ounce of fucking karma! We are insect-insignificant! For if a fetus is not a man, then how the fuck is the mind separate from the gorging pig?!