I'm A Man!

I Fuck The Girls You Jerk Off Over!
Holier Than Who?!

Caesars Cum, Caesars Go, But Tyranny Is Forever!
My Fucking Reign Of Tyranny!

You Make Me Fucking Sick!
But You're The One Puking!

The Guillotine For All Of Them And All Of Their Fucking Presumptions!
Her Systematic Intimidation And Torture Before Her Public Humiliation And Execution!

The More I Look Down On You The Less You Stand Up For!
Your Insecurities Are Golden!

Either I Rule You Or I Kill You!
There Is No Fucking Middle Ground!

Worship My Fucking Greed!
You Are Just One Of Many Pet Smut-Toys!

Cancer-Man, You're My Fucking Hero!
"Who are you to decide what's right?!"

You Mistake Me For Someone Who Gives A Shit!
I Don't Give A Fuck If You Cum Or Not!

That's A Fine Specimen!
I'd Buy That For A Dollar!

Natalie Portman's Third Trimester Abortion!
I Can Fix You Up Quick-Smart!

I Realize Now What I've Lost!
And I'm A Fool!

You Don't Want To Talk To Me About Fantasy Mind-Games, You Little Cunt!

Plant My Foot In Your Face!
Like A Piece Of Dog Shit!

Ockam's Razor Is Fucking Dull!
You Will Never Know The Whole Truth Of Anything I Do To You!

Good Dog!
Now Play Dead!

Make An Example Out Of Your Enemies!
"The general that hearkens not to my counsel nor acts upon it, will suffer defeat – let such a one be dismissed!"

I Used Two Fruit-Knives To Cut Her In Two!
I Want To See You Dead!

Christopher Fucking Hitchens!
"We also have to improve our minds by laborious exercise of refuting the latest foolishness contrived by the faithful!"

She Has Her Stronger-Than-All Anthropic Principle!
While I Adhere To A Fucking Different Philosophy!

I Love The Fucking Games!
But Beyond Your Sexuality, You Have Nothing Of Fucking Interest!

All Is Fair In Hate And War!
"When You Want A Woman, You Just Take A Woman!"

Wait Your Fucking Turn!
Somethings You Do To Yourself, But The Worst Is What I Make You Do!

Reap The Idle Child!
If You Can't Make Yourself Happy, Then Please Allow Me To Make You Fucking Miserable!

It's The Little Things!
After The Fact!

If My Cock Was A Knife, You'd Be Dead, Bitch!
Your Bite Marks And Bruises Are Proof That You Love Me!

I Want You More Than Anyone I Have Ever Wanted!
The Value Of Unobtainium Relies On Its Intangibility!

I Don't Want To Know Who You Are!
Best Laid Plans!

"We have at our fingertips the greatest minds of all-time, the knowledge and history of the greatest thinkers of all fucking time! But no, what's that little white girl saying?!"

Playing Coy!
Fair Game!

Forgive My Subtlety!
Please Allow Me To Reiterate My Statement!

Superficial Judgementality Is Superstitious Popularity!
"So you sympathize with the devil?"

Ask No Questions – Hear No Lies!

Smile, Bitch!
This Is What You Fucking Wanted!

They Love Me For My Sins!
My Whores Of Babylon!

If I Cut You Open And Crawl Inside First, Then What Do I Win?
All Your Fucking Pride Couldn't Stop Me!

Given A Long Enough Time-Line!
I Can Break The Will Of Anyone!

Mr. Waits!
"It's always much more sporting when there's families in the pit! And the madness of the crowd is an epileptic fit!"

Duality Once Again – My Most Precious Polarities – You Are Mine!
Yum Yum.

Duality Once Again – My Most Precious Polarities – You Are Mine!

"I've got some advice for you, little buddy! Before you point your finger you should know that I'm the man! If I'm the fucking man, then you're the fucking man as well, so you can point that fucking finger up your ass!"

The Damage Done!
Meaningless Debauchery!

For My Viewing Pleasure!
Do You Get The Fucking Point Now?

To Understand The Devil, I Must First Become The Devil!
Then I Will No Longer Fear Myself!

You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Want To Kill Some!
I Don't Even Know Why You're Fucking Here!

Out Of Context!
You Don't Even Know What Other Shit I Did To Her Before This!

You Know, You're Fucking Beautiful!
I Just Want To Cut Your Belly Open And Eat Your Fucking Small Intestine!

She Called Me A Soul-Eater!
But I'm Fucking Starving Here!

Who Could Say No?!
An Open Invitation For My Devices!

One Girl's Ecstasy Is Another's Agony!
It All Sounds The Fucking Same To Me!

I'm An Emotional Wrecking-Ball!
Leaving Human Debris Wherever I Go!

"I'm cold, I'm ugly, I'm always confused by everything!"

The Crime Of "Passion"!
I Fucking Love What I Do!

I Can't Fucking Let You Go!

Do I Fuck You Like A Whore?!
Why Do You Think That Is?!

Trust Me!

I'm Trustworthy!

I Told You So!

More Faceless Cunts!
Fuck You All And Your One-Dimentionality!

If You Try And Stop Me I Will Just Make You Fucking Regret It!
And Even Then I Will Still Get Away With It!

Bread Crumbs!
You Only Know What I Fucking Allow You To Know!

Marilyn Manson!
"Fuck you because I loved you! Fuck you for loving it too! I don't need a reason to hate you the way I do!"

Treat 'em Mean, Keep 'em Keen!
I Was Just Fucking With You To Piss You Off!

You Love To Hate Me!
As Much As I Love To Hurt You!

We Are The Fable Of The Scorpion And The Frog!
It's Our Fucking Nature!

To Kill A Kaiserin!
I Thought I Wronged You, But I Should Have Done Worse!

Distraction, Distraction, Distraction!
Spiel Mit Mir!

Been Here Before!
Now Swear Allegiance To Your Mr. Inconsequent!

Take It Off!
I Need To Dissociate Your Initial Symbolism!

Feelings As Yet Undefined!
But Undeniably My Eighth!

Put To The Test!
If Science Is Constantly Proving Itself, Then Why Shouldn't We Too?!

David D!
"It never ceases to amaze me how people waste so much of their lives doing counterproductive things and talking about counterproductive things!"

You're Dead To Me – But I Keep Fucking You!

I Thought I Knew What The Fuck I Was Doing!
As Soon As Things Start To Make Fucking Sense, I Go And Fuck It All Up Again!

How Can I Do Such Terrible Things, And Yet Act As If It Doesn't Even Fucking Matter?
You Fucking Tell Me, Wiseguy!

Dein Wort In Gottes Ohren!
The Devil Lives Through Me!

I Fuck = I Cum!

On The Shoulders Of Giants!
I Am Still Just A Little Man!

My House Is Unclean!
Cum Again!