Douglas Murray.
"Coming on top of years of growing concern about immigration and security it suddenly seemed as though some of the absolute bases of Western civilization were being offered up for negotiation."

Edward Snowden.
"Faith in elected leaders to fix our problems is the mistake that we keep repeating."


Carl Benjamin.
"We don't need to witch-hunt people and presume their motivations, because this is a mission with an expanding amount of mission-creep."

Ben Shapiro.
"All of our views should be judged on their merits, not the color or sex or sexual orientation of the speaker, and those views should never be banned on the grounds that they offend someone."

Tommy Robinson.
"I think in the next ten to fifteen years, we're going to be living under the same conditions that Jews are living under in Israel."

Black Pigeon Speaks.
"Even the most obtuse of people can see that the future of Europe is that of Eurabia."

Jonathan Pie.
"Shutting people's opinions down through violence, isn't fighting fascism, it is fascism."

Sam Harris.
"What would the Palestinians do to the Jews in Israel if the power imbalance were reversed?"

Markus Meechan.
"You would think that by now we would've learned that persecuting an opinion doesn't change that opinion, it fortifies it."

Dave Rubin.
"The only thing which can replace the regressive descent of the Left is a return to true liberalism."

Brendan O'Neill.
"I think we should say 'hate-speech' is a nonsense, there is only speech, and all speech should be free."

Tim Pool.
"So in the instance of, say sexual-assault, it's not the victim's fault, but in the instance of political ideology it is the victim's fault?"

Paul Joseph Watson.
"Conservatism is the new counter-culture."

"Notice how there's more and more people these days whose efforts to fix a problem that they have involve trying to change the world's perception of that problem rather than tackling the problem itself."

Maajid Nawaz.
"We don't believe in blasphemy laws because we're secular liberals."

Tarl Warwick.
"If we become fully globalized it's going to lead to utter chaos, it will turn into a dictatorship, it is innate to the human population."

Milo Yiannopoulos.
"And at every available opportunity, wrap the truth in a good joke because if you do that you will win."