Just Like A Revelation.
Freedom Isn't.

To Con Science.
To Hell With It.

A Stranger On An U-Bahn.
Just Another Gypsy Whore.

Congratulations, Motherfucker.
You Must Be So Proud.

Mine Führer.
Able And Willing.

Everything Is Beautiful.
Irrelevant Relevance.

Your Ever Submissive Lady Justice.
Passive And Posable.

Kill This Nigger.
Just Another November-Criminal.

Mother Mary / Whore Of God.
Hung By Her Thumbs.

Lest We Remember.
Which Side We Were On In The Past, Present, Or Future.

A Statue Of Liberties Taken.
Inalienable As Her Asshole.

Dead Bitches Don't Bitch.
Of Gossip.

Stomp A Jew.
There's Got To Be A Reason Why Everyone Hates You.

I'd Crucify You, Bitch, Just To See You Squirm.
But You Can't Desensitize The Senseless.

The Drunken Face Of A Liberal State.
Deutschland, Deutschland Über Nicht.

Abortion Is Wrong. Rape Is Right.
There Is No Such Thing As A Hypocrite.

Mine Dictator.

Mine Diplomat.
There's Always A Fucking Flip-Side.

Mine Disciple.

"Arms" Embargo.
Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones But Prayers Will Never Save You.

Saint Dawkins.
Bow Down To No One.

Make Your Mommy Proud.
You Know You Love That Big-Black-12-Gauge-Cock-Of-Death Up Your Asshole, Cunt.

This Isn't Happening.
People Aren't Really Like That.

What Would Make You No Better Than Me?
Condescending Cunt.

Love Everything.
Jesus Knows Your Mother Sweats When She Shits.

Someone Fucking Shoot Miley Cyrus.
Yes, This Is Some Deep Esoteric Architecting Shit Here, Boys.

Hard Work Hard.
"The World Tastes Better."

Thumb Up Your Ass.
She's Good To Go – Fuck Herself.

Soldier "Kills" Soldier – Soldier "Murders" Civilian.

Bück Dich, Bitch.
Evil Prevails.

Defeat By Fiat.
You Don't Think Therefore You Don't Exist.

Your Soul = Your $$$.
Like A Great Big Hole Inside.

Life Is Shit! Get A Fucking Helmet!
Not Mine And Never Was.

Ego Defenses.
Don't Look At Me While I Cum On You, Bitch.

Made In China.
Slavery Is Wrong But It Made Me Rich.

12 Step Program To Become A Coward.
You Haven't Learned A Fucking Thing.

Batter Up Your Ass.
Damn Nigger, You're Tight.

Without Your Tits You'd Be Nothing.
Catamites Have No Rights.

I'm Only Here To Hurt You.
And It Will Take The Rest Of Your Fucking Life.

I'm In Love With My Knife.
I Trust My Unconscious.

So How Was Auschwitz?
Eat A Burger, Would Ya.

Fat People Don't Have A Soul.
As Stipulated By The Good Laws Of Our Social Pressures.

Peace Brother – Fuck You Bastard.
In Times Of War You Must Prepare For Another War.

Look What They Did With Your Dead.
Respect Is Fleeting If At All.

Generations Of Depression Obsession.
"I stab you right between the eyes."

It's Pedophilia, Unless You're Wacko-Jacko.
Just Because It Happened Doesn't Mean It Happened.

Is This What You Call Global Warming?
Too Late, Motherfuckers, We're Already Dead.

It's Over, But It Won't End.
I Love You Even When I Hurt You.

My Favorite Shiny New Pop Demagogue.
You're Plastic But You Still Make Me Cum.

A Postcard From Hell.
Wish You Were Here.

Self-Portrait, November 2009

Bitch, Your Cunt Isn't Big Enough To Fuck Me Up.
Don't Worry, I'm Clean, You Can Trust Me.

Skullfucknoise. 53.
I'll Kill You Before I Kill Myself.

Equal Opportunist.
Can't We All Just Get Along?

You Weren't Worth Waiting For.
You Would Only Disappoint Me By Not Disappointing Me.

She Won't Leave Me – No Matter What I Do.
My Natalie Portman Is Not Your Natalie Portman.

I Did Not Make The World This Way.
And I Was Never Welcome In Your Fucking House.

Yeah, Yeah, Everything's A Fucking Tragedy.
I Would Take Your Pain Seriously If Only You Would Take All Of Mine.

Collateral Cunts.
There Are Trophies And There Is Shit.

Fuck Your G-Spot.
I Found Your Death-Spot.

17 Year Old Tits.
Why The Fuck Would I Want To Fuck Anyone Older?

All Creationism Is The Fucking Enemy.
My Church Feeds The Starving And Rapes Your Children. What Does Your Church Do?

How To Correct Afghanistan.
I Say Drop More Fucking Bombs.

Don't Kid Yourself, Sweetheart, You Have No Power Over Me.
I Am Just A Victim Of The Replicators.

To Have A Daughter Is Like Watering Another Man's Garden.
"I love the Ganges more than I love my own mother."

Nothing Evil Comes From Nature.
So This Must Be Beautiful.

Insular Insecurities – Closed Communities.
One Of Us! One Of Us! Brains Of Puss! One Of Us!

What More Could I Possibly Want From You?
Seriously, You Have Nothing Else I Want.

A Means To An End.
Intermediate Suffering Is Secondary.

Getting The Bash By Moore's Law.
Technology Evolves But Our Minds Stay In The Gutter.

Degrade Yourself For My Amusement.
Just Remember It Was You Who Said: "If I don't know then it's not important."

Eat, Fuck, And Kill You All At Once!
Now That's What I Call Fucking Power, Motherfucker!

How The Mighty Have Fallen.
This Sixth Reich Is Over.

And Yet More Red Flags And Dangerous New Candidates Running For Caesar.
"A new level of confidence and power!"

My Berlin Wall Will Never Come Down.
How Many More Reasons Don't I Have To Give You?