Get Raped!
"I've Been Far Too Sympathetic."

I See Them All Over You!
Like Flies On Shit.

Of Course I Take It Fucking Personally!
I Don't Need Your Permission.

Remember Who The Fuck I Am!
I Am Everything Ugly In This Fucking World.

Fuck You, I Owe You Nothing!
This Is My Conditional-Love For You.

Shut The Fuck Up And Suck!
And Then Do Me A Favor And Fuck Off.

You Like That, Don't You, Bitch!
You Take It Up The Ass Like A Pro.

Your Shame Is Your Problem!
I Would Betray My Own Mother Without A Second Thought.

Remember When You Loved Me...
4 Letters.

Free For All!
Trust That? Fuck That!

The Only Power I Have Over You Is The Power To Cut You Out Of My Fucking Life!

I Have Trouble With Some Things.
And In Trouble With Others.

I Want To See You In Pain!
Just To Make Me Feel Better About Myself.

You're A Fucking Meat Sandwich!
I Want To Eat You Alive!

I'm Enjoying It As Long As You Are Not!
If You Want To Think For Me, Then Go Fuck Yourself!

You're Not One In A Million –
You Are The Only One!

Pity-Fuck You!
You Fucking Disgust Me!

Paranoid Much?
Perpetuate Your Own Misery!

Grow The Fuck Up!
You Grew The Tits So Grow A Brain!

Women: If You Can't Beat Them – Then Sodomize Them!
What The Fuck Makes You Think You're So Fucking Special?

Your Fear Was Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy!
And Now It's All Come True.

Yes, This Actually Happened!
I Have Fucked, Loved, And Fucked Over More Than Just A Few Of You Fucking Female Homo Sapiens!

There Are Answers And There Are Secrets.
Only Satan Knows Where I Keep The Bullets.

Plenty More Teenage Cunts In The Sea!
You Wouldn't Believe How Fucking Easy It Is To Replace Your Fucking Ass!

The Devil Always Gets His Way... Sooner Or Later...
Do You Smell The Altruism Sodomized?

I Delude Myself That I Can Be Loyal.
But In Truth I Am Absolutely Treacherous!

"The Devil Is A Black Dog."
The Animal Depends On The Victim That I Make Out Of You!

My Idle Hands Make The Devil's Work Look Better And Better!
Your Desecration Means Everything To Me!

Your Truth Will Never Set You Free!
Your World Of Children Too Afraid To Make A Stand On Anything, Is Where I Put My Fucking Foot Down!

She Saw My Soul – And It Was Shit!
But She Never Saw My Knife In The Back Of Her Fucking Head!

This Isn't About Sex – This Is About Power!
This Isn't About Power – This Is About Sex!

And The Pendulum Swings Back Again!
And Yet She Still Loves Me – Despite –