I N - M Y - F A T H E R ' S - F O O T S T E P S

"A long time ago I never knew myself. Then the memory of shame birthed its gift. No more the small one, the weak one, the frightened one. Running from beatings, deflating. I'm becoming more than a man. More than you ever were. Driven and burning to rise beyond Jesus. I'm born again with snake eyes. Becoming god size." Phil Anselmo.

Whatever it fucking takes! Fuck the bullshit threats from some other chickenshit bastard's idea of consequences that probably won't even come to bust in your fucking head! It's all empty truth without the fact of knowing it for your-fucking-self! Dumbfuck's trying to tell you what it means to be a fucking man, while they piss themselves and ain't ever got their heads out of their own ass! Fuck them all! Fuck these pussy-whipped little fact-of-the-matter complacent fucking cowards! What you call tragic, should be shit on from a great fucking height! What you think of as atrocious, should be understood as human-fucking-nature! What fucks like you claim to be authority, must be fucking laugh at!

Whatever it fucking takes, motherfucker! This shit can't be taught! Your soul isn't yours till you fucking rip it right out of your own fucking throat and then beat it into something no other cunt could ever break! This clusterfucked world of shit isn't experienced through books, on TV, or valued from a timid fucking stand still! The world has to fucking eat you alive and shit you out endlessly, until you snap yourself the fuck out of it! Yet of the men who I have known, only a few have dealt the hands that put me on this path to a hell of my own making. Men who forced me to stand on my own two fucking feet. Men who have been where I now find myself. Who still talk to me when all the skullfucknoise tries to beat me down like those fucks I despise! I thank those pioneers who pushed through where pathetic gods failed, and pointed me in the direction to say without reservation: fuck the weak!

Whatever it fucking takes! In my father's footsteps I've walked and wait for fucking no one! What it is to be a man has left me bitter but strong! I will not stand and listen to listless bitches dictating an importance superior to my self-interest, while these same lazy sons of bitches get fat and live only to complain. I have done, and will do, whatever it fucking takes to become whatever the fuck it is I am to become! The devil, the dead, and the prophet may have brought me this far, yet even they are little but what I have falsely perceived within my own fucking bias! I need not their blessing, condemnation, nor even their awareness of my fucking existence! For the cognition of how I now hate, drives me further than before – I won't fucking stop! I am my own man, motherfucker! Father to none!